We took a long weekend vacation and for the first time EVER I packed only what fit into a single backpack. Sounds tough, but the KNACK PACK Small Expandable Backpack is as much luggage as it is a daily use backpack.

After John’s previous review of the Large KNACK PACK 1.0, we were excited to see what improvements came with the 2.0 version. And this time, we have the Small size to review as well as a KNACK Compression Bag!

John has packed for multiple day trips with his Large KNACK PACK, so I decided I would attempt to pack a semi-minimal wardrobe for a four day weekend in Seattle – IN ONE SMALL BACKPACK! I say “attempt” because I’ve always taken at least a carryon sized piece of luggage with me while traveling (even for short trips) so this was a potentially anxiety inducing task for me.

As much as I enjoy travel, I loathe packing but this time was different! Watch our video review to see unboxing and a walk through of the features of the Small KNACK PACK, compression bag and the laundry bag that’s included (and can also be purchased separately on their accessories page). Check out how I faired packing for four winter days in the Pacific Northwest using only a single Backpack! Eek!

Would you attempt a multi-day trip using only one bag? Let me know what your struggles have been with finding a bag WORTHY of the task, and when you’re ready to take on the challenge of One-Bag packing, get your KNACK PACK here.

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