Today I’m sharing my budget-friendly modern farmhouse living room decor ideas in the form of a visual guide. Are you looking for ideas to decorate in a modern farmhouse style and don’t know where to start? Searching for farmhouse living room furniture on a budget? You found the right gal! 

You will save hours of research by scrolling through this post about where to buy affordable modern farmhouse furniture and decor online.

My modern farmhouse living room furniture and decor collection has a subtle bohemian feel and a cozy, relaxed west coast vibe influenced by both my upbringing in Los Angeles and current hometown of Portland Oregon.

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I have thoughtfully curated a selection of new and unique affordable pieces of modern farmhouse furniture and decor.


An important part of my mission with Rare and Worthy is to bring great design to anyone who wants it, regardless of where they live. So all my product choices are sourced from online retail stores. No matter wether you’re in LA or the middle of nowhere, you can easily scroll through my curated farmhouse living room must-have’s below and redecorate your living room in a few days – thank you Amazon Prime!


Modern Farmhouse Living Room Decor Ideas Curated By Rare And Worthy

Relaxed modern farmhouse living room design curated by Rare and Worthy Co


What Is Modern Farmhouse Style And Why Is It So Popular?

You may not have known you like modern farmhouse style before clicking on this link, but here you are! (Hi there, by the way!) Truth is, the vast popularity of Joanna Gaines means her signature relaxed farmhouse style has crept into many of the current interior design styles and can be found in boutiques and ‘big box stores’ like Target and Walmart alike – yay, affordable!

Generally speaking, the charm of the modern farmhouse style comes from the warmth and practicality of using a mix of new and vintage items, a simple neutral color palette and furniture with clean lines made of simple rustic materials. 


Modern Farmhouse Living Room Decor Ideas and Inspiration

Tan leather modern farmhouse couch in bright airy living room - Design curated by Rare and Worthy Co

The tan leather couch and warm wood tones above are a striking and welcome contrast to the bright white walls. The pops of black are a nice touch and solidifies the “modern” in “modern farmhouse”. If you want the warm tones of a tan leather couch, but it’s not in the budget, try a slipcover like this one in Rust. Sure, it’s fabric, but when layered under a few throw blankets and throw pillows, you’ll achieve the same overall effect. The small round accent table looks like a multipurpose accent furniture piece. This set of 2 nesting tables are very similar and under $100!


Tan leather chair and white couch modern farmhouse couch in bright airy living room - Design Inspiration Curated by Rare and Worthy Co

A white slipcover does miracles for a sofa you’re no longer in love with. And I spy mud cloth throw pillows that are very similar to the style I chose for my Modern Farmhouse Decor idea board (and in the very of-the-moment color, INDIGO). Don’t forget when ordering pillows on Amazon, get inserts! Most toss pillows on Amazon are sold un-stuffed. If you’re intrigued by the open carved wood design on the round coffee table, above, World Market has a lookalike.


Tan leather modern farmhouse couch in bright airy living room - Design curated by Rare and Worthy Co

That ivory tasseled throw looks so cozy! Who can resist tassels and pom-poms? Personally, they just plain make me happy! Speaking of, I’ve been drooling over this pom-pom throw for a while. I just can’t decide which color to get! There are so many to choose from! Part of the charm of Farmhouse decor is the texture and warmth, so why not toss another throw blanket over the back of the couch and sit for a spell? I noticed the wicker side table in this photo is also one half of a set of two Opalhouse tables I’ve been eyeing at Target. I have been pleasantly surprised by the consistency and quality of Target’s Opalhouse line of furniture and home decor accessories. They are giving Anthropologie a run for their money, at a fraction of the price, in most cases.


Modern Farmhouse living room with skylights and central fireplace with yellow and grey cement tiles


Once I pulled my eyes away from the gorgeous pattered cement tiles on the fireplace (above) I saw that driftwood macrame wall hanging! I still want a large textile wall hanging but I want it to be a large macrame piece, like this one. Textile art is a small space friendly way to get more texture and warmth in your living room.  At the price of the one I linked to, you could have a wall full of macrame! I’m considering draping them over my living room curtain rods.

Tan leather minimal modern farmhouse couch in bright airy living room - Design curated by Rare and Worthy Co

I love the black round wall mirror hanging above the tan leathern couch in the minimal modern farmhouse living room above.


Where To Shop For Modern Farmhouse Living Room Furniture And Decor

If the modern farmhouse style is new for you, I recommend starting with Amazon, Target and World Market. Many of the items featured on my modern farmhouse living room collection below are from Amazon and Target. 

Where to Find My Modern Farmhouse Decor Collection

1.  Modern Mudcloth-Inspired Tribal Black and White Lumbar Throw Pillow

Modern Farmhouse black mud cloth tribal lumbar pillow - Design Inspiration Curated by Rare and Worthy Co

Mudcloth style tribal pattern throw pillows are plentiful on Amazon. The wide variation of patterns and colors offers and unlimited amount of options to add a few to your existing throw pillows. Choose a complimentary neutral color, like black and white above (and below). If a subtle pattern is more your style, try a lower contrast color combo, like ivory and beige, grey and gold, or these GORGEOUS beige and tan laser cut suede pillows.

2.  Mudcloth-Inspired Tribal Pattern Black and White Modern Throw Pillow

18" square white and black tribal pattern throw pillow cover white and black mud cloth

A large 20″ square mudcloth-inspired tribal pattern throw pillow is what your next Netflix binge needs. You can never have too many pillows!


3.Wood and Metal Modern Geometric Wall Hanging Wood and metal geometric wall hanging for modern farmhouse - Design curated by Rare and Worthy Co


The warm gold tones in this wood and metal geometric wall decor pops against white walls. I recently saw this in person at World Market and it’s BIG – Over 2 feet tall. A must-have for a large blank wall. This is a great option if you’re updating a gallery wall. In 2020, gallery walls have transitioned to less pieces that are larger in scale with mismatched frames and mixed metals. For extra drama, shine a mini spotlight on it and admire the geometric shadows it throws on your walls – literally an instant art installation.


4. White Ceramic Hanging Planter

Hanging white ceramic planter with rustic rope for trailing or cascading plants - Design Inspiration Curated by Rare and Worthy Co


There is something special about hanging plants. The cascading, trailing nature of them is just a little otherworldly, in my opinion. My upbringing in the desert probably plays into my love for lush greenery now. I just don’t feel right without plants in the house. The white ceramic hanging planter above is almost nice enough to hang empty, but if you’re in the market for a new plant, Amazon has a few nice live plant options like a 4 pack of trailing sedum or a variety of philodendron. Or go faux if you don’t have a green thumb!

5. Round Wood Frame Wall Mirror

Round wall mirror with thick wood frame for modern farmhouse - Design Inspiration curated by Rare and Worthy Co

Round wall mirrors are everywhere but the thick rustic wood frame on this one drew me in immediately.


6. Beige Leather Mid-Century Style Couch 

Beige leather couch from IKEA for modern farmhouse living room - Design Inspiration Curated by Rare and Worthy Co

New trend alert! Beige is the new tan. It’s official and now you can get this beauty at, of all places, IKEA! This would be also be gorgeous in a neutral desert inspired living room. I can see dusty rose looking fabulous with a beige leather couch, as well as my mudcloth-inspired tribal pillow picks in neutral tones.


7. Faux Potted Agave Plant

Large faux agave in black pot - Farmhouse Living Room Design curated by Rare and Worthy Co

An artificial modern spiky agave plant will never need anything but the occasional dusting. Place it in an empty corner and admire from across the room, maintenance free!


8. Modern White Ceramic Planter

White round planter with carved floral motif Anthropologie lookalike

Modern florals? Yes! These planters have a subtle carved pattern that resembles a chrysanthemum. They look VERY much like a line of best-selling planters at Anthropologie that have been on my must-have list for ages.


9. Carved Wood Round Drum Accent Table

Modern farmhouse carved wood small round table - Design Inspiration Curated by Rare and Worthy Co

Farmhouse design is about multipurpose furniture and this wood drum table can also act as a stool when an extra guest stops by.


10. Quartz Crystal Tealight Candle HolderClear quartz tea light candle holder from Z Gallerie

As part of a neutral coffee table styling, a clear quartz crystal candle holder will add subtle glamor, visual interest and texture while keeping within a limited color palette.


11. Faux Potted Aloe Plant

Faux aloe in black pot from Amazon - Design Inspiration Curated by Rare and Worthy Co

Architectural plants like this faux aloe add modern minimalism to your farmhouse living room decor with ZERO maintenance.


12. Black and White Geometric Throw Blanket

Amazon white and black fringe throw blanket geometric pattern for brown leather couch in modern farmhouse living room - Design Inspiration Curated by Rare and Worthy Co

A fringe throw in a geometric pattern adds depth when layered with other textures. Pile on the throw pillows and make a stylish blanket fort!


13. Cozy Oversize Sherpa Euro Throw Pillow

Cozy sherpa euro toss pillow for modern farmhouse living room - Design Inspiration curated by Rare and Worthy Co

I couldn’t stop rubbing my hands across this 26″ oversize Euro sherpa pillow at Target. SO soft, cozy and HUGE!


14. Pom-Pom Lumbar Throw Pillow

Ivory Embellished pom pom throw pillow for a cozy modern farmhouse living room design curated by Rare and Worthy Co

Your guests won’t be able to resist grabbing this fun pom pom lumbar pillow and giving it a feel.


15. Carved Teak Serving Bowl

Carved teak wood serving bowl with floral motif

I can’t currently think of a more beautiful fruit bowl. That teak wood and rustic carved floral motif begs to be touched.


16. Macrame Ottoman Pouf

Beige Knit Crochet Macrame Ottoman Pouf - Design Inspiration Curated by Rare and Worthy Co

These multi-functional macrame poufs come in a variety of colors and weave patterns to suit your farmhouse decor. Toss your feet up at the end of a long day, or offer it as an extra seat to a friend. 


17. Grey, Tan and Beige Neutral Abstract Area Rug

Large neutral abstract pattern area rug for modern farmhouse living room decor ideas - Design Inspiration Curated by Rare and Worthy Co


An 8’x11′ area rug would cover an entire apartment living room floor and at under $130, it’s an absolute STEAL! I love the abstract neutral colors so much, I may get one and tuck it away for a future living room decor spruce-up.


Do you think you’ll give the modern farmhouse design style a try in your living room? Let me know in the comments below what the focus of my next idea board should be… Masculine Industrial Farmhouse? Traditional? Bohemian? Tell me what you want, what you really, really want… lol, am I dating myself? Oh well, the 90’s were awesome! 

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