Modern Boho Decor might sound like an oxymoron but I’m here to say that’s no longer the case. Depending on your color palette, bohemian interior decor can be traditionally bright and colorful or neutral and modern. If you are searching for modern bohemian home inspiration to decorate your apartment, living room or bedroom you are in just the right place.    

Earthy Boho Living Room Decor

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Neutral color palettes can be downright cozy when texture is involved. This must-have list of modern boho decor is your roadmap to creating the comfy, cozy modern retreat you deserve (on a budget).

Where to Shop for Modern Boho Decor On a Budget

Most of the products below are from my all-time favorite store, Target. The colorful Opalhouse line of decor and furniture was a welcome addition to their existing line of neutral rustic farmhouse pieces. And now as the boho decor trend continues to gain popularity, it’s easier than ever to uncover the decor items that fall somewhere in-between Maximalist Colorful Bohemian and Neutral Rustic Farmhouse. Sort of like if Joanna Gaines had a worldly well-traveled sister with a wild streak (yeah, that’s me).

The two other contenders for Best Boho Decor Store are World Market and HomeGoods. If you enjoy the thrill of the hunt, HomeGoods is the place for you. Sometimes, I walk out empty-handed, but that’s not the norm. I’ll usually find WAY too much and have to thin out my basket contents before hitting the checkout. As an interior designer, it’s a good problem to have!

Cost Plus World Market carries everything from imported sake to shower curtains. If you like the ‘well-traveled’ part of bohemian interior decor, this should be your second stop after Target. It’s not always the cheapest store, but they have relationships with artisans all over the world so you’ll find one of a kind decor that no other store has, or will ever have.

An indoor / outdoor rattan egg chair is what inspired this list, because, well, just look at it! You can’t tell in the photo, but I’ve sat in this chair and it’s BIG and oh, SO comfy!! It’s SO cozy, you may invite a friend (furry or otherwise) to join you! Plus, how fun is it to basically have your own Jungle Goddess Throne? 


Earthy Neutral Bohemian Living Room Decor

Mixed metals and a natural, neutral color palette lay a foundation for you to incorporate your own unique mementos. After all, the basis for the bohemian lifestyle is a curated worldly collection that tells your story. Incorporate items from your travels and objects that reflect your hobbies and personality and you’ll never go wrong.

Get The Look: Neutral Modern Bohemian Living Room Decor Ideas

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